Let’s Get Real – Radical Unschooling

We’ve covered a ton so far, but here is our chance to truly get real about Radical Unschooling. Join Paula, Nancy and Amy as they debunked the myths and truly get real about radical unschooling. Join in this lively discussion on Wednesday at 3:30pm (Feb. 24), ask questions, share experiences, build a tribe. This is going to be a B.L.A.S.T!

Meet Paula, Nancy and Amy:


Paula Sjogerman, mom of two always unschooled now adults, is a theater artist and arts administrator living in the great city of Chicago. She likes Shakespeare, singing and short walks on the beach. Her unique and diverse experiences – including being a certified teacher and too many years of after school programs – formed her solid and steadfast “unbelief” in the current institution of school. She is unabashed in sharing what she stands for, will speak loudly about it, perhaps also jumping up and down.

Nancy Machaj first learned of unschooling & radical unschooling while she was pregnant with the first of her two children.  She knew instantly that she wanted to live this way!  Today, her 11 and 8 year old children have never been to school.  Nancy is very involved in the Chicagoland home/unschooling community and helps connect families through discussion groups, online and in person. You can count on her showing up at park days and various local meet-ups.  Nancy will share from her experiences how she has navigated the freedoms of radical unschooling and how it has evolved over the years. Nancy loves her tribe and community, and is looking forward to meeting lots of new friends at UP!

(Co-Founder, Co-Organizer of Unschoolers Platform)
Amy Jarjusey has an unquenchable thirst for spying a need and fulfilling demands. As a co-founder and sole coordinator of the AJ Collective Workshops she is constantly peering outside the box determined to supply everyone involved with new classes, fresh experiences and a place where families can gather, develop friendships and provide support to one another. Amy doesn’t take “no” for an answer and conversely doesn’t give “no” for an answer! With Amy there is ALWAYS a way — it’s never “DO?” — it’s always “DONE!” On the home front, she and her dedicated husband Seringe, are the anchors to the foundation of life learning that their 5 children are all deeply ingrained in as they sail about their days — crazy busy — but always connected!!


We’re just hours away from closing registration! Join us for some fun!!!


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