Life is Good!

That it is! Life is GREAT!
Are you a conference junkie like myself??? đŸ˜‰

Conferences (homeschool, unschool, life-learning and everything in between) are such a beautiful way to come together with like-minded people and feel like you belong.  Be among people who cherish and support your journey, and well…. want to celebrate the paths that each of us have chosen for our families.

If you have not heard of the Life is Good Conference, you may want to check it out! Looks like a BLAST to be had up in Portland this fall! If you are unable to join us this February in Chicago, OR perhaps if you want to reconnect with UP friends elsewhere…. like perhaps the Life is Good Conference … this could be an option!


It announced on their FB page today that their super early bird registration ends Monday! If you haven’t scoped it out yet, you may want to pop on over to their info hub and check things out! If anything else, you might not want to miss Erika Davis-Pitre speak there!!! đŸ˜‰


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