Meet Andrea

Rounding out our exciting panel: “Let’s Talk Philosophies! Meet a panel of homeschool, unschool, and life-learners and dig deeper in the ‘day-in-the-life’ topics” is Andrea. We are so pleased she will be joining us this February and feel you’ll enjoy meeting her as well! Meet Andrea!


Andrea Oliver is mom to 4 homeschoolers: ages 17, 14, 10 and 7. Finding balance in our family with all of our different learning styles, interests, needs and wants has been a challenge.  We have used curriculums, given up on curriculums, only to pick them up again in a different year.  I have always desired to follow unschooling philosophy but have never embraced it radically.  My trust issues and fear have frustrated our home life at times, but the kids keep learning and teaching me who they are and what they need to live into their whole selves.  Watching them learn and gain confidence through their interests and passions has calmed my fears and inspired me to trust the process more.  I am happy to have the freedom that homeschooling offers and grateful for the time spent  with my children.  I remain fearful, but hope for courage.



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