Registration Extension!

Amy and Michele are bringin’ on
the happy dance!!!!!!



Key Lime Cove has agreed to extend their group rates
till February 5th, 2016!

We had a good amount folks take advantage of the 2-payment UP special which means they have till February 5th to pay their last registration payment. We felt it only fair that folks on the fence had the chance to register by February 5th at the regular registration rate (before late registration fees kick in). But…. this would only be fair to do so if Key Lime Cove would be willing to extend their group rates for folks!

And….. as Key Lime Cove has been amazing, ultra-supportive in getting our first annual kick-off underway…. they *are* willing!!!!

So…. with thorough excitement, we are THRILLED to invite folks to continue on with registration at the regular registration rate!

Regular registration rates now close February 5, 2016, as will the Key Lime Cove group rates on the rooms. Book now! Join us in the fun, adventure, love, sharing, learning and MORE!

Come February 6th, registration rates will raise, and you may register at the door, however Key Lime Cove group rates for our group will no longer be in play.

Please email us with questions!

And feel free to register now! 😉


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