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This year’s keynote speakers are going to knock you socks off!!!
We are so very pleased, honored and in love with our 2017 keynote speakers….
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Pam Laricchia wants to live in a world where kids are treated as real people. And sleep is optional.

Pam’s three children (24, 22, and 19 years old, at conference time) left school mid-year back in 2002—once they discovered unschooling, they figured, why wait—and she has been exploring unschooling ever since. It’s just SO much more than she imagined in those first weeks! Living with children who are free to learn has been the most amazing and joyful experience of her life.

Participating in online unschooling conversations over the years unearthed a love for writing in Pam that had been buried many years ago. Inspired by her children’s enthusiastic pursuit of their interests, she has now been published in a half-dozen magazines and written three books about unschooling, with more in the wings. Her newest project is the Exploring Unschooling podcast, where she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with many of the super generous people in the unschooling community, so willing to share their time and experience.

She loves to talk about unschooling and is looking forward to diving into it with you at Unschoolers Platform! Until then, join Pam to explore unschooling at livingjoyfully.ca.



Erika Davis-Pitre and her husband Michael have 4 children – one daughter (36) and three sons (33, 30 & 23). They also have a son-in-law and two grandsons (8 & 1). She has been splitting her time between Northern California and Central Connecticut but 2016 will be bringing a end to bi-coastal living with a move to the Bay Area.

They have been unschooling for many years and love it, so Erika is always looking for opportunities to share their unschooling joy with others. Erika has spoken at many un/homeschooling conferences, led quite a few funshops/workshops and has hosted and participated in many round table discussions about unschooling all over the US and Canada. She especially enjoys talking about unschooling teens, sharing the joy of unschooling and celebrating diversity through unschooling.

And she is a Artist Trading Card(ATC) fanatic-if you don’t know about ATCs please ask!



Sue Patterson, wife and mom to three grown unschoolers, is as busy as an “empty nester” as she was while the kids were all still home! They’re off on adventures of their own now, weaving in and out of her life.  Sue and her family began homeschooling in 1996 when they found the local public schools simply weren’t good enough. They participated in support groups at the local, state and national level, as her husband’s military career moved them from state to state. Now, nearly two decades later, she feels she’s seen enough and knows enough to help people understand more about how to homeschool – and specifically unschool – successfully.

Sue, a perpetual volunteer, is a homeschooling coach and unschooling mentor who works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach. She provides the information they are looking for to help them stop struggling and create an unschooling plan that will actually work.

Sue hosts the Unschooling Mom2Mom website/Facebook group, and is the managing editor of The Homeschooler Post. She is a well-loved speaker at conferences around the country and loves talking to people as much as she loves writing – she combines the two whenever possible!

Sue is excited to share the results of her new book, Homeschooled Teens, YEARS in the making! She is sure that your fears will be allayed and after reading this, you’ll be inspired and ready to dive into the teen years!

For more about Sue’s projects, go to www.SuePatterson.com.





Circle up and join Vlaiko in a conversation about being the DAD in your home/unschooling family!!
Come add your wisdom, anecdotes and thoughts!!
Bring your questions, concerns and ideas!!!
There will be opportunity for all to participate as we take a magic carpet ride through the wonders of having made the choice to home/unschool!!
Vlaiko Manojlovski has been organically settling into the unschooling lifestyle for the last 7 years.  The process has literally unfolded on its own and just gets better everyday!!  Having gone to school this was all counterintuitive out of the gate!!  But the realistic, practical and hard driving truths of the amazing benefits and overall life quality that have come to pass as the result of following his heart have anchored his value systems and philosophies in newly chartered waters – creating a life filled with parenting a-ha moments, deeper connections with his family and a whole lotta’ fun!!!
There will be more than one gathering so stay tuned for details!!
I’m Heather Clark, wannabe world traveler, vegan, Nintendo gamer, wife and mom to always unschooled 9yo son Jamie. I do yoga and love sailing, baking, hand sewing, Bollywood movies and UK soaps. Our family came to unschooling naturally as an extension of our attachment parenting. I believe there’s nothing more fabulous than living and learning in partnership with our son! We self identify as a worldschooling family and love to travel.
Worldschooling – Seeing the world as your school
Worldschooling is about seeing the world as your classroom and striving to learn through adventure, experience and travel. But even if you can’t travel full time – or at all – you can still help your kids get excited about the wonders of the world and begin to see themselves as global citizens. Join in a discussion about learning via experiences, and how the world always has something to teach.
Attunement; Unschooling with Autism
by Joe and Tara Dutcher
Come join us for a lively hour discussing unschooling with Autism! Learn our brief family history and how we arrived at unschooling. Let’s discuss physical needs (sleep, nutrition, sensory seeking/avoidance, etc) and how those needs are accommodated by unschooling. Social needs (emotional regulation, friendship, family relationships, etc) and how those needs are accommodated by unschooling. And we can wrap it up with Q&A and discussion among participants.
The Dutchers have been homeschooling from the beginning. They arrived at unschooling as a natural evolution of their parenting approach. Tara is a musician and music teacher. Joe trains insurance agents for a large company. Joe and Tara live with their two sons in eastern Iowa.

Unschooling To & Through the College Years Q & A

Do you have a teenager and wonder how they will successfully transition to college or adulthood?  Do you have younger children and are wondering what this stage might look like?  Join Jocelyn as she shares her experiences and answers your questions about the journeys of teenagers and young adults.

Jocelyn discovered homeschooling in 1993 when she saw a TV news segment about a family of 5 who bicycled together across the US and met all 50 governors. She was instantly hooked by the thought of having fun with her kids as they learned. After reading a preschool curriculum while she watched her then toddler daughter learn so much more and have more fun naturally, she ditched the curriculum and began her journey to unschooling. Jocelyn and her husband, Martin, have 3 always unschooled daughters ages 23, 19, and 13.

We have MANY other speakers, talks, workshops, break-out groups, and MORE in the works! Pop back in every now and then, and stay tuned for announcements as the excitement evolves even further!


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