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UP Holiday Giveaway!

Amy and Michele are ever-so-excited about how simply amazing the Unschoolers Platform is panning out for February 2017! It’s always been our mission to be able to help as many folks attend as possible as there simply is just SO Much Great to Celebrate! And TOGETHER is how we should all be celebrating this amazing life choice we all have the privilege to live!

That is why we are inspired to offer one last family registration giveaway!!! With the season of giving upon us, we want to give thanks to all of you who make UP possible! Let’s have a little fun!


This holiday’s giveaway is something grand! As you can see from our lil’ meme above, it’s really quite simple to enter! Like our FB post about this giveaway and receive one entry. Comment and you can earn another entry. AND, if you Share this post on FB you could earn TWO additional entries! That’s up to FOUR entries to our full family registration holiday giveaway! All entries must be received by November 30th, 2016 as the winner will be drawn from the entries and posted December 1st, 2016.

If you enter this contest…. even just one entry…. and you happen to not be selected for the free full family registration giveaway, you still win!!!! You will earn a promo code for 10% off of your family registration as well! Once the contest giveaway closes and our winning family is awarded their family registration, we will message each entrant a promo code for 10% off of their family registration!


Come on out and CELEBRATE with us!



Did You Know?!?!

With only a whopping 66 days left of registration and the holidays barreling down upon us, we just wanted to be sure you knew that we had your backs!?



It has always been our intent to help as many needing and wanting folks get to the Unschoolers Platform as possible. This year is no exception, as we have “So Much Great to Celebrate.” We do our best to be sure to offer as many options and opportunities to our dear beloved community and also cover the costs of running this phenomenal event. If you missed some of our previous promos and still want to come, are you aware of our standing payment plan option? Our payment plan has been implemented from the get-go but not many know it exists! We want to be sure that you know there are options! We will support you! And we want you and your family there to celebrate our incredible lives together!

Pop on over to our registration page and see how it breaks down. And if you have questions or concerns, email us (unschoolersplatform@gmail.com)!!!

If we don’t know, we can’t help! ūüėČ

With So Much Great to Celebrate, we want to have you there this February 2017!!!

Only 66 days left to register at the regular registration rates!




We just have SO much great to CELEBRATE with this season upon us!

We are NOT headed back to school! The freedom ahead of us is exciting and exhilarating!

Possibilities abounding! Speakers galore! Funshops aplenty!

Don’t miss out on the incredible headlining speakers: Pam Laricchia, Erika Davis-Pitre, and Sue Patterson!

To celebrate this incredible time in life the Unschoolers Platform is offering an unprecedented Not-Back-To-School weekend discount! A full 75% off of your family conference registration! To take advantage of this incredible savings and join the tribe in February 2017, you can register before 5:30pm CST Sunday, August, 21, 2016. Utilize promo code: UP2017NBTS when checking out. And BAM! you’ve saved…. celebrated….
and can keep the party going when we rendezvous in February 2017!


Meet Heather!

As the countdown for registration for the 2017 Unschoolers Platform rolls on we are eagerly planning some exciting workshop, talks and funshops for our amazing community! Topics will be vast, interesting and inspiring! One such topic…. worldschooling! If you have not yet met Heather, I’m pleased to introduce you! You will not want to miss her discussion at 2017 UP!


I’m Heather Clark, wannabe world traveler, vegan, Nintendo gamer, wife and mom to always unschooled 9yo son Jamie.¬†I do yoga and love sailing, baking, hand sewing, Bollywood movies and UK soaps.¬†Our family came to unschooling naturally as an extension of our attachment parenting. I believe there’s nothing more fabulous¬†than living and learning in partnership with our son!¬†We self identify as a worldschooling family and love to travel.
Join her wonderful talk:
Worldschooling – Seeing the world as your school
Worldschooling is about seeing the world as your classroom and striving to learn through adventure, experience and travel. But even if you can’t travel full time – or at all – you can still help your kids get excited about the wonders of the world and begin to see themselves as global citizens. Join in a discussion about learning via experiences, and how the world always has something to teach.
To get registered, visit our Unschoolers Platform registration page!

Dads! Dads! Dads!

We are SO very excited to have Vlaiko join us in gearing up the Dads! stuffs at UP 2017! Dads unite! Have a blast! It’s going to be a special FUN time!



Circle up and join Vlaiko in a conversation about being the DAD in your home/unschooling family!!
Come add your wisdom, anecdotes and thoughts!!
Bring your questions, concerns and ideas!!!
There will be opportunity for all to participate as we take a magic carpet ride through the wonders of having made the choice to home/unschool!!
Vlaiko Manojlovski has been organically settling into the unschooling lifestyle for the last 7 years. ¬†The process has literally unfolded on its own and just gets better everyday!! ¬†Having gone to school this was all counterintuitive out of the gate!! ¬†But the realistic, practical and hard driving truths of the amazing benefits and overall life quality that have come to pass as the result of following his heart have anchored his value systems and philosophies in newly chartered waters – creating a life filled with parenting a-ha moments, deeper connections with his family and a whole lotta’ fun!!!
There will be more than one gathering so stay tuned for details!!




Early Bird Giveaway!

We are just so thrilled to be able to provide a family with free registration to the 2017 Unschoolers Platform conference coming up in February. There was an unprecedented number of folks who participated in the giveaway so that really warmed our hearts to see the momentum and excitement towards UP. It’s going to be an amazing week with some truly amazing people!

In the meantime, congrats to Kristin Kudreikis! We can’t wait to meet your crew in February!

Early Bird Celebration

Unschoolers Platform has SO MUCH GREAT TO CELEBRATE!

This coming year, February 2017 we are hosting the most fabulous keynote speakers! Pam Laricchia, Sue Wolfe Patterson, and Erika Davis-Pitre for an awe-inspiring week! Full of magic, inspiration and celebration!

The excitement is oozing from our pores so much so that we’d love to host an Early Bird registration giveaway!!! That is a FULL family registration giveaway!!! Enter NOW (with in the next 48 hours…. by Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 5pm CST) and you will have a chance to win the family registration!

AND…. what’s more you ask?!?! You could have more than one entry to this giveaway! If you like/react to this post you will receive 1 entry for your family. If you comment in our FB group or closed page, you will receive 1 entry for your family. AND…. if you SHARE this post with friends, families or groups… receive 2 entries for your family! (And YES! If you share more than once, we will honor your shares per number of entries!)

AND…. YES, YES, YES…. do all three and you will receive four entries to the giveaway! What’s not great to celebrate about that!?

JOIN US! Have a blast! Find your tribe! Celebrate!

UP_Early Bird Giveaway

It’s Time Folks!

While we are still all whirling and swirling over our past, most amazing, enlightening,
FUN, truly heart-centering event, we have exciting news for you all!!!



Yep! No joke!!! We have three of the most amazing keynote speakers lined up for you all. Pam Laricchia coming to us from Canada! Erika Davis-Pitre from California! AND….. Sue Patterson from Texas! These amazing, awe-inspiring, and dynamic women are coming to dazzle us in February 2017!!! And you can book your spot NOW!

As our schedule for the week evolves (yes, you heard it…. a week…. we added a day!)…. and our additional inspirational speakers are added to the agenda… as the funshops develop and our family events pan out…. YOU can take advantage of some MEGA early bird savings!

Register NOW (before July 13, 2016) and you will receive:

* The UP Early bird rates! (Note that there is a 3-tiered payment plan option for *any* family registration fee, should you choose to utilize this!)

* TWO free conference shirts!

* A $10 visa gift card to use at the resort (or anywhere you’d like for that matter!)!!

* AND….. the 2016 rates to the Key Lime Key room! Yes! Book your before July 13th and *they* will guarantee that you pay $99.95 per 4-person room ($20 per additional person up to 6 in a room). Note: beyond July 13th, 2016¬†our group room rate for UP participants will be $119.95 per 4-people a room. (To book your room, you merely need to deposit the equivalent of a 1-night stay. Balance will be due upon arrival in Feb. 2017.)

** NOTE: Both room reservation *and* UP registration must be completed by July 13, 2016 for you to take advantage of these perks.

In addition…..
UP has a brand new tradition we are starting this year! We would like to honor our first registered family for the conference each year! Last year, this was Kate Brandt and family! Congrats Kate! We’d like to offer your family 50% off of your 2017 registration fee! Yippee!!!

AND…. if YOUR family happens to be the first registered for the 2017 conference, we will honor your 50% discount for the 2018 conference!! Get hoppin’! ūüėČ

We are just ever-so-thrilled that the ball is rolling for 2017 already, and we hope you feel the same excitement! Share the news with other home/unschooling friends! Bring your tribe along with you! Come to expand your tribe! Cherish all that UP has to offer, and bring your bright light to share with others! We CAN’T WAIT to see you all in February 2017!!!

Now….. GET REGISTERED!!! ūüôā





2017 in the works!

2017 UP is shaping up and nearly ready to open its early bird registration!
AMAZING keynote speakers, hotel and conference perks…. WOWZA!
Stay tuned!
It’s coming SOON!!!!
Can’t wait to share it with you!