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Just 23 days left to register for the Unschoolers Platform conference! We want to see YOU there! Not only will we have some dynamic speakers, awesome funshops, networking, family events, craft fair, dance, waterpark….. we will also have a vendor/information hall!


One of our most recent vendors registered is YOUmedia of Harold Washington Library! YOUmedia is a library and studio space at Chicago Public Library designed specifically for teens. You can hang out, mess around and geek out on projects to create your own music, video, 2D and 3D design, photos and podcasts with help from skilled mentors.

They will be joining our dynamic vendor hall along with Christina Hughes, a Young Living Independent Distributor. Essential Oils for everyday use.  Supporting your body’s system to work at its optimum level. Chemical free cleaning.

The variety is vast when it comes to the information, resources and networking that will be occurring in February! Don’t miss out… 23 more days to register your family for the event of the year!

Happy New Year from the Unschoolers Platform!

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Conference Shirts!

With just a whopping 24 days left to register for the conference we are ever-so-excited to inform folks that conference t’s can now be ordered!!!

Check out the cool design….





Order in advance as the shirts will be made-to-order. Unschoolers Platform will only a few extras on hand at the conference. So….. if you do not purchase in advance there is no guarantee they will be available to you.

Order YOUR SHIRTS now!!!

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Spring Teen Leadership on the Wild Florida Suwannee!


Just 25 days left to register for our spectacular upcoming conference this February and I have to share….. I am particularly ECSTACTIC about this one….. Crystalaire Adventures will be joining us in our vendor/information hall this February! They will be sharing with us some of the fabulous trips  and camps they coordinate…. and what’s more exciting???? We have a trip planned with them come this April! Your homeschooled/unschooled teen may be VERY interested to hear about this one:


We are giving it another go!
Our fall trip did not happen due to low enrollment, but it does not mean that teens are not still itching to spread their wings and try an independent adventure of their own! We are working with Crystalaire Adventures to get a spring break time adventure moving! It’s a VERY exciting one at that!!!!

April 4th -10th, 2016 on the Suwannee river! What’s not to love about that! Quite the adventure. Crystalaire’s goal:

“To maximize opportunities for participants to actively engage leadership, days are flexible. Everyone will have to work together to balance goals and visions, keep everyone fed and sheltered, decide on where to camp and where to go, and what to eat. We will be living in tents and camping out alongside the river bank each night, paddling through the day. We cook our own meals, build our own fires, sleep under the stars, and learn to endure weather of all kinds!

Crystalaire’s leadership curriculum is built around challenging limitations on our perspective, and encouraging new ways of working together. By the end of their break, participants will be exposed to critical new ideas in communication, collaboration, decision making, group management, and more. We’ll draw on our wide ranging educational offerings to develop a dynamic curriculum responsive to the challenges of the course. We are big believers in letting the place be the teacher, so the ongoing challenges of navigating bubbling springs, working with partners to steer the boats, enduring rain storms or cold nights, and helping one another to succeed will offer the best leadership lessons!”

This April 4th -10th, 2016 on the Suwannee river the kids will be:

“Crossing the Florida-Georgia line out of the Okefenokee Swamps, we will paddle along the more rustic section of one of Florida’s least visited waterways. Our boats will glide between Florida’s famous dark waters and hundreds of crystal clear springs. We will camp along open sandy riverbanks, picking our route each day and exploring whatever we find along the way.

Both trips will start and end at the Jacksonville, Florida airport at noon on the day the trip starts or ends (dates on reverse side of this sheet). We can also pick participants up at the Jacksonville Amtrak station. Due to the diverse regions our participants come from, we cannot reasonably provide transportation. But be in touch if we can help with your logistics!

For more details click HERE.

To register click HERE.

And with questions, please feel free to email me (mommy@nakitababy.com) or Micah with Crystalaire (micah@crystalaireadventures.com). We are happy to help and truly hope to make this trip a GO this spring!!!


AND….. when you come by the conference vendor hall you can meet these amazing folks in person! Just 25 more days to register!


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Happy Holidayzzz!

A very happy, healthy, warm and bright holiday season from our families to yours!

As we enter our 30 day countdown of registration today, Amy and Michele want to extend the warmest holiday greetings to each and every one of you out there! We are SO elated to see so many of you in February and can’t wait to share, laugh, enjoy, network, hug, dance, commune, support and more at the Unschoolers Platform.

If you have not yet registered, you are not too late! There is still 30 days left to the end of registration and we want to see all of you there with us! This….. this meme pretty much sums it all up…. I think it speaks well to not only what we crave, but what we need in our lives as homeschoolers!


We also want to express, just for clarity sake… in using the term “unschooler”, as we describe the Unschoolers Platfrom, we simply mean choosing to NOT send your children to a traditional school. Whatever philosophy, style or program you choose to incorporate into your families journey to learn, is what we believe makes us all “unschoolers”, at the end of the day. Each and every family is unique and we champion all of you for making that decision (cheers!).

Ultimately, it is our desire to create the Unschoolers Platform Conference as a way to strengthen the bonds of community!!

Rallying together in celebration to share information, experiences and the joy we derive from leading our families on the journey to learn — hence the term – platform. The speakers have been carefully chosen to represent the wide range of approaches and styles we know exist within our community.

That said, here is a peek at our mission statement:
‘It is with deep respect and great honor to the human spirit that the Unschoolers Platform (UP) was created. To boldly challenge our beliefs and expand our horizons as we co-navigate the awe and wonders of learning. UP provides a broad spectrum of ideas and information that will inspire any and everyone; from the nearly decided to the well-seasoned.'”

It is with that in mind I invite you to:

THIS coming February 2016! With just 30 days left of registration, don’t delay! We want to see YOU ALL there!!!!



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As you have registered for the conference, don’t forget about signing up for hosting a funshop! Funshops are an amazing way for people to meet others with similar interests, hobbies, passions, etc. Funshops are free to offer and free to attend for registered conference participants. Funshops offer something FUN for kids to do while parents might be attending adult workshops/talks. Funshops are also a way for families to meet other families.

We have some really awesome offerings already, but certainly have space for more! If your children, family, parents, or other would like to host a funshop, please feel free to make the submission and we’ll schedule you for a conference spot to do so!

Here is the link to do so: http://unschoolersplatform.com/funshops/

Without your help, this conference would not nearly be as amazing as it’s going to be! For this we are eternally grateful and looking forward to all of the amazing FUN we are going to have this February!!!

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New Page!

While the amazing re-gifting giveaway video is in progress, video being edited and ready for viewing, we have something additionally exciting for all of you! The new resource page!!!

We wanted to be able to keep the love flowing. When on this amazing journey there is something very special about sharing it with like-minded folks who can be that heartfelt tribe. That tribe that knows where you’re coming from. That tribe that truly connects, supports, shares & grows together.

If you’re unable to join us in February, perhaps you are able to join us at one of the other amazing gatherings in the country or abroad! It’s with this notion we’d love to fill this page with all of those amazing gatherings!!! If you have some to share, please do share them with us. Forward the information along and we will be sure to post them here!

Thank you!


Welcome to the UP Blog!!!

We are adding a brand new feature to our upcoming conference website….. the UP BLOG!

As we ring in day 40 of our registration countdown we are excited to share this development with all of our conference attendees! Here we will be able to post announcements, changes, schedules, and other useful stuffs for you all to peruse!

Are you as excited as we are?!?!


Remember….. 40 days left to register! Click on that tab up above “registration” and join us in February!


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